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Level 1

We cover everything there is to know about nuts in this level, from planting and harvesting to sorting and grading. You will leave this class as one of the few people who knows everything there is to know about nuts. We next teach you the science of roasting and demonstrate several roasting procedures, demonstrating why we roast the way we do. Finally, we will walk you through the roasting process and give you lots of hands-on practise. After finishing, you will be able to roast for your store.

Level 2

After around a year of roasting practice, you can enrol in Roasting Level 2 training. This level teaches you big-batch roasting, which is required if your store has a higher volume. We also train you glazing and chocolate panning, which will allow you to expand your store's offerings. We will also concentrate on sensory analysis and palate training to prepare you for the next level in a year or so.

Master Level

We educate you how to create recipes for the company and get compensated for it at this level. You will also learn how to train other roasters, as well as how to run Level 1, Level 2, and Mastery Level classes. This might be an additional source of money for you while also assisting us in expanding our reach. At this level, you will be a master roaster and an important member of the Ayoub's Franchise team.