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Own an Ayoub's Franchise


The ONLY Healthy Snack Franchise in the World

The ONLY Healthy
Snack Franchise in
the World 

Ayoub’s mission is simple: to change the culture of unhealthy snacks in North America to create a healthier, happier, and tastier tomorrow. 

Today’s retailer shelves are filled with highly processed, high calorie,
sugar-filled, and trans fats options that offer little in the way of nutrition. 

And most “healthy” snacks…aren’t so healthy (fried, filled with fatty oils and choked full of preservatives).

Enter Ayoub’s…the ONLY company to address today’s growing market demand for nutritious and delicious snacks made with time-tested techniques like slow roasting and original family recipes that capture the flavor, the quality, and the nutrition of the world’s most delightful delights.

Build a Business
in a market that is Booming

By joining the Ayoub’s franchise team, you are seizing a tremendous opportunity to grow the next stage of your own career alongside a 40-year old foundational family business in a healthy-snack industry that is rapidly expanding!

Grow With Us:
The Ayoub’s Franchise Advantage

-Build as you go- the success of your franchise is what you make of it! There is no investment of time too great or small to begin. 

-Join a Rapidly Growing Industry- Today’s snacking industry is broken. Ayoub’s is the ONLY healthy snack franchise in the world that offers both nutritious and delicious options to the world. 

-No Direct Competition- Ayoub’s is the only fresh-roasted nuts and exotic fruit chain in the country. That means YOU own YOUR market. 

- The Foundation of Family- Every franchise is backed by the foundational strength and generational advantage of a 40-year family business, started by Chef Ayoub himself! 

And that’s only the beginning…

And now it’s time to continue growing! 

Throughout 2023, Ayoub’s will be on the hunt for our first three franchise partners.
Could it be you? 

Let’s see if you are a good fit! 

Available Markets

Ayoub’s franchise currently has prime territories available across the Lower Mainland, throughout British Columbia, Alberta, and Saskatchewan

We started our journey with 6 corporate stores, all in different neighborhoods throughout the Vancouver region, and now it is time to expand to major city centers across Western Canada

There’s so much more to learn about a franchise with Ayoub’s…

Ready to discover more? 

See how Ayoub’s is Building a Healthier, Tastier World

Real Reviews From Real Customers

"These nuts are so fresh and tasty. The only problem is I can’t stop eating them!"
“It is great to have them in the neighbourhood!”
Laura Mandado
"Will be back :)"
Marcus Kearney
"A unique business with healthy lifestyle snacks."
Todd Gogal