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1. Do you need franchise experience to open an Ayoub's franchise?

A: No, having owned a franchise is not necessary. Our franchise system has taken a lot of work to develop, and we're committed to keeping it that way so that franchisees can concentrate on running their shops.

2. Do you need retail experience to open an Ayoub's franchise?


A: While having retail experience is advantageous, it is not required. There are committed business coaches on hand to assist with any inquiries or issues.

3. Can a franchisee run numerous stores?

A: Yes, they can. Depending on the volume of each store, franchisees can roast nuts for up to four locations after receiving training. Alternatively, if a franchisee has several locations, we can train a roaster for them so they can concentrate on other areas of the company.

4. What is the approximate time and financial investment needed to become a franchisee?

A: Depending on the location and state of the business, the projected investment for renovations and equipment is between $200,000 and $400,000. In addition, a $50,000 inventory investment and a $50,000 franchise fee are needed.

5. What are the advertising and royalties costs for Ayoub's franchisees?

A: The advertising fee is 2%, and the royalties fee is 5%. A monthly advertising expenditure of $1,500 is what we advise.

6. What is the state of the snack market?

A: The market for upscale snacks is a quickly expanding one. The demand for premium and fresh snacks, including roasted nuts, has been continuously rising as customers hunt for healthier and more natural snack options. As customers become increasingly picky about the quality of the snacks they consume, the snack sector has also seen a trend towards more premium and artisanal items. As a result, for business owners wishing to engage in a profitable and expanding sector, the high-end snack market presents substantial growth potential. Ayoub's is dedicated to providing the highest quality roasted nuts to its clients, and we are convinced that our franchisees will be able to meet the rising demand for upscale and wholesome snack options.

7. Is Ayoub's franchise's quality guaranteed?

A: Yes, we cover every aspect of nuts during our roasting training, including how to guarantee consistently high quality. We will teach you these strategies, which we have developed over many years.

8. What is the satisfaction guarantee offered by Ayoub?

A: We accept any returns from customers to ensure that franchisees can maintain customer satisfaction. We take back products without any inquiries if clients don't like them for whatever reason. Franchisees are free to concentrate on delivering high-caliber goods and first-rate customer service because the franchisor covers the expense of returns.

9. What kind of continuous assistance do franchisees of Ayoub receive?

A: We offer franchisees on-going support at no extra charge, including coaching, marketing assistance, technical assistance, and field visits.

10. What distinguishes Ayoub's franchise from the competition?

A: We roast fresh nuts every day for our consumers, and our store strategy is tried-and-true and profitable thanks to our extensive industry knowledge. We also provide thorough training on how to roast nuts to our franchisees, continuous support, and a satisfaction guarantee where we take back anything that consumers send back. Here's a few more reason Ayoub's is different.

Level 1

We cover everything there is to know about nuts in this level, from planting and harvesting to sorting and grading. You will leave this class as one of the few people who knows everything there is to know about nuts. We next teach you the science of roasting and demonstrate several roasting procedures, demonstrating why we roast the way we do. Finally, we will walk you through the roasting process and give you lots of hands-on practise. After finishing, you will be able to roast for your store.

Level 2

After around a year of roasting practice, you can enrol in Roasting Level 2 training. This level teaches you big-batch roasting, which is required if your store has a higher volume. We also train you glazing and chocolate panning, which will allow you to expand your store's offerings. We will also concentrate on sensory analysis and palate training to prepare you for the next level in a year or so.

Master Level

We educate you how to create recipes for the company and get compensated for it at this level. You will also learn how to train other roasters, as well as how to run Level 1, Level 2, and Mastery Level classes. This might be an additional source of money for you while also assisting us in expanding our reach. At this level, you will be a master roaster and an important member of the Ayoub's Franchise team.