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Let’s get down to it- the modern snacking industry is broken and defined by low-end suppliers that leave customers wanting for better, tastier, and more nutritious options. Today, retailer’s shelves are littered with thousands of products that are highly processed, high calorie, and filled with sugar and trans fats while offering little in the way of nutrition. 

Enter healthy snacks. Truly healthy snacks (that taste good too!) 

Healthy eating habits are driving the entire snack industry, and are influencing the rapid growth of the “nut” market. That’s because these powerful snacks play a crucial role in a healthy diet as they are high in protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. 

But when it comes to nuts…well, most nuts today are fried. That means tons of oil and preservatives (not fresh)…which is exactly why the market for fresh-roasted (never fried), and preservative free (tasty!) nuts is ripe for tremendous growth. 

“The healthy snack industry is such an exciting industry to be in” says Hosh. “And there are a few powerful trends driving this business and all are in the early stages.” 


TREND #1:  “Snackification”

Snacks have begun to replace meals in our society.  Busy lifestyles have led to more people replacing meals with snacks, as consumers move away from set meal times throughout the day. In fact, over 90% of North Americans surveyed said they have replaced at least one meal weekly with a snack.  And this trend is further accelerated by the younger generation, with 70% of millennials saying that they prefer snacks to meals.

“The pandemic has spurred snacking in general. We have seen the growth in our stores” says CEO Hosh. “People are working from home and able to graze all day instead of going for your typical lunch when they are at the office.” 

TREND # 2: Nuts and seeds are leading the global health and wellness snack market.  

When it comes to the nutritional benefits consumers are seeking from healthy snacks, high-protein options are among the most popular. And fresh Nuts fit the bill perfectly.

TREND #3: Demand for GLOBAL flavours. 

The global ethnic food market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 8.33% through 2027. And with 78% of North Americans ranking travel as one of the things they miss most during the pandemic, global snack options are one way to experience the world from home. 

”Most of our customers walk into our store, and they have never tasted a saffron-lime roasted pistachio nut” says Hosh. “But once they sample  a few flavors, they buy a bag. And then they come back, because they cant’ find anything like it anywhere else….”

And this is only the beginning of the many reasons why a franchise with Ayoub’s is a stunning business opportunity for entrepreneurs at any stage of their career…