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We Are Building a Healthier World 

Founded in 2009, Ayoub's is a first-to-market purveyor of fresh roasted nuts and exotic dried fruits that is upending the healthy snack industry. Based on the success of our family business, with over 40 years of building the largest nut and snack company in the Middle East, Ayoub’s is now bringing its unique flavors, one-of-a-kind roasting styles and our nearly endless varieties of nuts and exotic fruits across Canada. 

“When I moved to Canada, I knew I wanted to continue the ‘nut’ legacy that my Dad, Chef Ayoub, built across the Middle East,” says founder Amir Hosh. “I saw a huge opportunity in the market. Nuts and fruits, a staple of our culture where I grew up, were not an everyday item here in Canada. Furthermore, the nuts you could buy at grocery stores were not fresh; they lacked the flavors we had perfected through our roasting techniques for over 40 years. I knew that Canadians were ready for this healthy snack that was a mainstay throughout the Middle East. And they have. We have proven our concept by opening and operating 6 of our own stores, all in different regions. Every time someone comes into our store…They always come back”

“Because of the success we have had in our own stores, it is time to have an Ayoub’s on every major street corner in cities across Canada, " continues Hosh. “We are changing the culture of unhealthy snacks in North America to create a tastier, healthier, and happier tomorrow.”

And now, over a decade after the Ayoub’s name first appeared on a storefront on Londsdale Avenue in North Vancouver, the success of our brand has been proven time and time again by the overwhelmingly positive testimonials and consistently 5-star reviews we receive from our biggest fans…our customers! 

So that’s our story…ready to join our next chapter?
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