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Chicken with Cashews and Dates

Chicken with Cashews and Dates

A simple chicken and cashew stir fry taken to the next level! With a mix of crunchy cashews and hints of sweetness from the dates, this dish is everything you need for a quick weeknight dinner for the whole family that’s even better than takeout!

Chicken with Cashews and Dates

What you need:

  • Cashews - Cashews are definitely the secret ingredient to making this dish a showstopper! They bring texture, flavor and nutty richness to the party. It’s best to use unsalted cashews, as salted cashews will make the dish far too salty. I would also recommend using already roasted cashews over raw, however, if you only have raw cashews in the house, toast them for a few extra minutes in the skillet for maximum flavor. 
  • Chicken - For this recipe, we recommend using chicken thighs over chicken breasts, as thighs are overall juicer, more moist and will add more flavor to the dish. However, if you do prefer chicken breasts, consider tenderizing and marinating the meat overnight to maximize the texture and enhance the flavor. 
  • Dates - In my opinion, adding dates to stir fry is the perfect way of adding sweetness without the addition of honey or brown sugar, which is often found in stir fry sauces. Dates also provide a chewy texture that balances the crunchiness from the cashews.
  • The Sauce - This wonderful sauce truly completes the meal and will have you coming back for seconds. A combination of soy sauce, chicken stock, garlic, rice wine vinegar and dates and chili flakes really make the chicken come to life without it being too hot and spicy. 


Chicken with Cashews and Dates

What to Serve with Chicken with Cashews and Dates?

Traditionally, stir fry’s are served with rice. Jasmine rice makes an excellent pairing, as it offers a fluffy, slightly sticky texture and lovely perfume. If you want to add fibre and more nutrients, feel free to use brown rice or even quinoa instead. Lastly, if wanting to customize your stir fry with more veggies; broccoli, baby corn, bell peppers and mushrooms will add bulk, nutrients and crunchiness to the dish. The combinations are endless!


Can this recipe be prepared in advance?

Yes, you can make the entire recipe as written and eat leftovers throughout the week or you can prep the ingredients in advance of making the entire recipe. For example, the veggies can be diced ahead of time, the sauce can be whisked together, and the chicken can be diced and stored in an airtight container until ready to use. 

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